Our workshops help to explore complex topics: MVP, Idea to Product, Agile Boot Camp, Agile Daily Business, Agile 1×1…
In addition, we offer preparation courses for exams,
Professional Scrum Product Owner, Professional Scrum-Master

Agile Workshop

Your Advantages:

  • Workshop tailored to your personal situation and the respective group of participants
  • Theoretical content alternates with practical exercises and group discussions to ensure the best possible learning experience
  • You will learn numerous modern techniques that you can use in the daily challenges
  • Try out new methods in a safe space and challenge ideas in the group

Workshops enable the participants (m/f/*) to work out important content together through various learning methods.
Theory, practice, group exercises and discussions alternate constantly.
Trainers can specifically respond to the requirements, suggestions and questions of the group and are not subject to a professional corset of certification preparation.
Skills and knowledge building blocks are conveyed in a targeted manner in workshops, which is why we can respond to the wishes of our customers and offer tailor-made solutions.

Think workshops differently….

In our Agile workshops, e.g.: Agile Boot Camp and topic workshops, e.g. MVP, the participants and the trainers work together on the respective topic
and expand their own method and experience case in a targeted manner. Especially the exchange in the group
and the work in the protected space promotes the development of new ideas and views.

Topic Scrum: What distinguishes Scrum from classic project management?
Scrum is often used in exploratory projects (e.g. software project), since progress can be checked after each sprint and further development can be adjusted. There are of course other distinguishing features, curious?

Topic Scrum: Why do we need a Daily? Once a week is enough…
The Daily Standup is an important element in the Scrum method, as the members (male/female/*) of the Scrum Team ask themselves daily what they have done and continue to plan in order to achieve the sprint goal. Furthermore, the Daily Standup is an opportunity to discuss blockers and possible adjustments. Curious?

Topic MVP: What is an MVP?
With a minimum viable product (MVP) we test a hypothesis and gain initial experience without already developing / producing the entire product. A small functional framework of total scope is defined, which also brings a customer benefit! In this way, companies save costs, can build up initial experience and check the acceptance of their own ideas. Curious?



The workshops are intended for all levels of the company, we usually welcome managing directors, project managers, product managers, team members and of course employees from other departments (e.g. HR) who want to deepen their knowledge of a specific topic.

  • Companies that want to convey a specific topic to their employees in a targeted manner
  • Specialists and executives and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and methods in a specific area


  • The participants should have the opportunity to take part in a workshop UNDISTURBED in order not to jeopardize the learning experience.
  • At least 5 people should participate in each workshop to enable group work and discussions.
  • Preferred setups are directly on site or purely online, hybrid setups should be avoided, as previous workshop experience can be expanded here.

We look forward to your requirements, ideas and workshop goals!

Die Mindestteilnehmerzahl beträgt 6 Personen.

Individual Appointment

Our workshops are tailor-made for your team and the requirements you define.

Dauer: 3, 6 or 8 hours including breaks
Price:   on request


Expand your personal set of knowledge and methods! Let’s take the next step together. We look forward to your non-binding inquiry!